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Do you like lipstick,  do you have a shade you would like to try but don`t want to risk the colour not being right why not get in touch and I can send you some samples too try out for a small purchase from my online shop,  Don`t do online shopping no worries I can send you a brochure.

I am Avon Rep and here to help, Please get in touch If Lipstick not your thing thats ok there`s lots of other make-up, Skin products, Perfumes to try as well.

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To help keep lashes separated, hold mascara wand horizontal and zig zag through lashes from base to tip. Emphasise the outer lashes for extra lift and curl. •• If lashes are fair or a little sparse apply eyeliner into roots of the upper lashes first to create the illusion of denser lashes.

To remove, soak a cotton pad with eye make up remover, wipe down and out over lashes. Try the Avon Dual Action Instant Eye Make Up Remover for a quick, gentle removal. For multiple coats of mascara hold the dampened pad onto the lashes for a few seconds to soften first.


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Wow, I am so proud to be an Avon rep! Did you know that they sell more perfumes than any other UK company! 😲 Far Away Rebel has a sophisticated smell which includes hints of crème de cassis and fresh orange blossom, then there's an underlying tone of salted chocolate and toffee. It makes you want to keep going back to smell it. I also found out today that if you use your scented body lotion as well, your fragrance will last for hours! ⏰ They also do a travel size version in most of their fragrances that fits in your purse so you can top up when you're out and about!

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